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Photos against GMOs in CIS

Photos against GMOs in CIS
Within a Joint International GMO Opposition Month the CIS Alliance for Biosafety initiated and run the Internet photo-action “For My Place Free of GMOs”.

People from all over CIS were invited to submit photos with posters promoting GMO free idea at local and national level. The idea of the action was to make a picture with GMO free poster and famous or recognizable symbol of the place in the background.

By the end of JIGMOM people from 4 countries: Moldova and Transnistria, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine took part in the action. Only from Russia organizers got pictures from 8 regions and districts (Bryansk, Kostroma, Moscow, Tomsk, Murmansk – two districts, Saint-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg).

Photos with English language comments are available here:

and also on JIGMOM site:

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