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For GMO Free Siberia!

For GMO Free Siberia!
Second in Russia antiGMO youth camp was held near Tomsk (Western Siberia) this summer. First one took place last year in Murmansk on Kola Peninsula.

Dozens of young people from Tomsk and neighboring regions took part in it. Camp agenda included workshops, street actions and discussions.
Main topics were the following:

- Raising awareness of local people, producers and authorities to GMO free idea
- Volunteer refusal of foodproducers from GMO sources
- Possibility of the approval of the regional law on Food Safety similar to Moscow one, prohibiting using budget money for purchasing food with GMOs.
- Banning of GM-crops growing in Tomsk region
- Development of inter-regional program of NGO cooperation aimed to control GM food products.

At the end of the camp activists conducted the street action with slogan “I want to know what I eat!”. Young people organized a small performance: an activist dressed as carrot and carrying banner “For GMO free Tomsk!” drew a circle around himself, inside the circle he wrote “Tomsk region”. People in white robes went around him with medical syringes and tried to break through this circle.

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