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New GM-maize for Russian consumers

New GM-maize for Russian consumers
As became recently known this summer Russian science and research Institute of Nutrition approved using GM corn MON 88017, resistant to glyphosate pesticide and rootworm, in food industry and for sale.

Mentioned line of GM-corn, having two alien genes, is the latest development of American ”Monsanto Company”, which was approved for consuming in the US in 2005, however, European Union refused to register it.

Also this summer Russian food specialists approved using GM maize MIR604 by Syngenta resistant to corn rootworm, for human consumption. It is the first GM crop owned by Syngenta alone registered in Russia, previously this company registered for food only its GM sugar beat in partnership with Monsanto. New maize is registered only in US, it has been approved there only this year. It looks like Russian authorities intend to “harmonize” approval lists of both countries within the process of joining WTO and associated bilateral GMO Russia-USA side letter.

According to the officially available documentation today in Russia there are from 12 to 17 GM varieties approved for food. Such uncertainty appeared due to the fact that publicly available information on re-activation of expired application is not complete.

Russian GMO approval system is totally non-transparent to public. Information about submitted applications is also unavailable. The only way to learn about new registered GMO lines is to find this information on the Internet site if one knows how to navigate.

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