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Russian GMO free update

Russian GMO free update
Russia still remains GMO-free. According to the official information there is no growing of GM-plants in Russia for commercial purposes. So far the Federal Environmental Assessment Commission has not adopted any commercialized GM varieties for agricultural use. But recent (summer 2012) WTO joining will soon may ruin GMO free status of the country.

First steps on this way have already been undertaken. In year 2012 Moscow rejected GMO free labeling, because “it does not fall within federal legislation” (there is no GMO free labeling in federal legislation). Independent experts and activists are sure that the real reason is WTO membership. All this will lead to undermining of GMO free status of Moscow which emerged in a year 2007 in Food Safety Law (prohibiting GM-content in budget funded food supply for municipal organizations and introducing municipally funded GMO free labeling), as a result of civil society campaign.

Russian NGOs and likeminded regional parliament members are trying to influence the situation. Their main argument is that in the absence of organic legislation Russian consumers do not have any choice and they cannot be sure that buy GMO free products.

“All this may lead to the rejection of all GMO free initiatives at regional level. Moscow and 4 other regions (Belgorod (South), Moscow, Kostroma (Central Russia), Nizhniy Novgorod (Volga basin), Kurgan (Trans-Urals) )developed and introduced GMO free regulations, several others claimed that they plan to do so” – comments Victoria Kopeykina, secretary of the CIS Alliance for Biosafety.

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