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Brief Description

CIS Alliance for Biosafety is an informal coalition of NGOs and individuals involved in antiGM0 activities and in promotion of alternative ways of agriculture in CIS.
Alliance was created on the 4th of April 2004, Korolev of Moscow oblast’, Russia on the conference of ”Strategy of biosafety campaign development in CIS
Goals of the Alliance for years 2006-2008 are the following:
- Creation and promotion of GMO free zones in the region;
- Assistance to the creation of the efficient biosafety systems;
- Assistance to the introduction of organic farming;
- Lobbying to ban GMOs in babyfood;
- Protection of consumer right to choose (implementation of labeling law);
- Lobbying of CIS civil society’s interests at both national and international levels.

Alliance has 19 members in 9 countries: Armenia, Belorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Transnistria, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine.


Alliance structure
Alliance doesn’t have leadership
Decisions must be agreed by the majority of members.
Alliance has a secretary who is taking responsibility to maintain documentation, coordinating membership process of the Alliance, is in power to speak on behalf of the Alliance.
Alliance can have experts. Experts are not necessarily its member. This status is granted to a person (according to his/her wish) if he/she shares goals of the Alliance and submit his biography to Alliance members. An expert agrees to share information and to provide other help if members ask for it.
The language of communication within the Alliance is Russian.
Alliance has Internet site (or sites), logo and promotion materials (booklet, etc).
Alliance has an official (mail and e-mail) address for inquires, applications for membership, etc.

Rights and obligations of the members:

Members have the following rights:

- to discuss and made decisions about priorities of Alliance if there is a need to correct them;
- to participate in different events and to speak as Alliance members without coordination with other members;
- to receive and freely distribute information about the activities of other members;
- to distribute information about the Alliance;
- prepare and distribute letters and other documents of the whole Alliance if the majority of members agrees.

Members of the Alliance are obliged
- to practically assist to the achievement of the goals of the Alliance;
- to provide access to the information about their activities aimed to the achievement of goals of the Alliance;
- if necessary to provide technical and other support of members.

Membership rules

- NGOs and individuals from CIS can be members of the Alliance;
- For joining the alliance it is necessary to submit application containing the information about the activities and plans and recommendation of two members of the Alliance;
- Member of the Alliance can be expelled from the Alliance if his/her activities don’t comply with its goals.

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