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What does it mean to be GMO free?

For the last 10 years the society faces new health and environmental risks. Genetically modified plants and animals – are “handmade” organisms, alien for nature and ecosystems, whose native, intrinsic DNA has been intentionally altered. Now genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used as compounds of food products without public acceptance. The safety of commercialised GM-products has never been well evaluated and proved, the consequences of their consumption are unknown. Any certified GM-products in CIS have never passed a complete safety procedure. There are science-based facts confirming that GM-products perform risks of food poisoning, cancer diseases and food allergies. The consequences of their use in agriculture and release into environment are also hard to predict. So we do not think it is good for us to be guinea pig.

To be GMO free for a region means to declare not using of GMOs in agriculture and to defend the rights of consumer to choose GMO free food.

Why do we in CIS need to go GMO free?

Multinational corporations with their double standard policy and non-transparent practices of funding potentially dangerous for the environment GM research without any public control, actively develop their business in CIS. Business and authorities are non-transparent for NGOs and widely violate citizens’ rights for access to information related to health and environment issues. Thus the Russian food manufactures according to the 2005 year research of the ‘Expert’ business journal, is defined as mostly non-transparent for public. Only 5% of the state oversight bodies are agree to submit information about GMO use in food products (including babyfood) for public. Almost 100% of companies that use GMOs violate consumer rights and law by not labeling their products. Now e.g. in Russia we face a new concept being introduced to the society – GM products are for poor, and natural is for so called ‘premium segment of consumers. We also can not exclude a possibility of massive illegal growing of GM-crops which may negatively impact traditional and environment friendly agriculture.

At the same time regions in various European countries and other states have declared themselves GMO-free. There are 172 in total now only in EU! In CIS there are now such zones. Although in our countries there is no officially grown GMOs no one can guarantee us GMO free future. Lobbyists do their work. What will be our answer?

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